In order to assist refugees in finding their way in entirely unfamiliar surroundings and unknown cultural settings, and to offer assistance with their linguistic, educational, professional and social integration, the action group „Standing together – Helferkreis Unterföhring“ was established in the autumn of 2013.

The „Helferkreis“ consists of a group of volunteers (at present almost 200 Unterföhring citizens) from different age groups, professions and beliefs.

With their voluntary commitment, our helpers want to assist the local authorities in mastering the novel and important challenges presented by the present refugee situation, and to contribute to creating the general conditions required for successful integration.

Team Helferkreis Unterföhring


Our group philosophy is to present ourselves as supporters and guides, providing information, establishing contacts and building bridges.

What we do, and what we don’t can be found here …

Organization Helferkreis

Organization chart

Our „Helferkreis“ is subdivided into different teams to ensure that our help can reach its destination in a structured and effective manner.

Organization Chart View

Teams and their tasks

Teams and their tasks

The tasks and aims of the individual teams, their size, their activities and

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