Helping Hands

Sometimes in the ongoing process of helping refugees short-term and immediate help is necessary, for example translation help, support on official visits or simply somebody to talk to.

If you would like to help, you can find requests from social workers or specific teams of the „Helferkreis“ on this page. Please contact the appropriate person if you are interested in helping out.

A more detailed procedure to be followed when offering your help will shortly be defined. Further information can be found in here as soon as it is available, and as soon as there are specific requests.

Donations for refugees in Unterföhring

“Standing together”– this is the motto of the “Helferkreis” for refugees in Unterföhring. We have already received a great number of donations, for which we are very grateful. Presently we have adequate supplies for the winter season, and we are capable to support our refugees during the initial phase. But as it may often be necessary to organize additional supplies as the need arises, we would still be grateful for any financial aid.

You can be certain that your financial contribution will be used exclusively for refugees in Unterföhring.

Bank account for donations:
Gemeinde Unterföhring
IBAN: DE54 7025 0150 0200 6236 92
Purpose of transfer: „Asylhelferkreis“

If you require a receipt for your donation, please add your full address to the purpose of transfer.

To the citizens of Unterföhring

You have probably noticed that refugees have moved into the accommodation at the Mittelfeldallee. The capacity of the air dome is 300, two thirds of the beds are occupied – mostly by middle-aged men from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Eritrea and Irak.

Volunteers from the Refugee Support Network , Together for Refugees, would now like to establish connections with the community and its citizens, trying to integrate the refugees into our daily life. As long as no work permits have been issued and official language courses haven‘t started, it is very important to offer opportunities for occupation, if only as a possibility to escape from the densely populated accommodation from time to time.

What could be better than sports? Sports unite cultures and human beings. The team „Sports“ found out that many refugees are interested in sports activities. Number One is football, but there are also men interested in wrestling, cricket, volley ball, badminton and basketball. Straightaway we were able to arrange that two young men could take up their training with the wrestlers.

But as the local sports clubs cannot cater for all refugees we do ask our neighbours in Unterföhring for assistance. We urgently need

Trainers or volunteers for all kinds of sports (but most of all for football)!

It would be great to have about 10 volunteers to accompany the refugees to individual courses and to occasionally fill in at the gym. It is no secret that sports enhance wellbeing and help to reduce stress. Should we need a place indoors for an activity, Together for Refugees will set out to find one. But we are of course grateful for all suggestions. Female trainers will be assisted by a male person if requested.

The men living at the accommodation as yet don’t own sportswear. We would need:

– sportswear for men, sizes S and M (track suits, jerseys, etc.)
– sports shoes for men (outdoor shoes, gym shoes, football shoes)
– accessories for other types of sports (e.g. rackets and shuttlecocks)
– deodorant and shower gel for men
– shaving tackle (shaving cream, shaving brushes, razors and razor blades)

Are there items not needed hidden in wardrobes and bathroom cupboards in Unterföhring? We are convinced that this is the case: The team „Donations“ opens the storing place at Föhringer Allee 5 every Saturday from 10 to 12 and is looking forward to seeing you.
Please forgive us for accepting only clean clothes.

Contact for trainers and volunteers at sports:
Team „Sports“, Karl Gierlinger:

Together for Refugees, Refugee Support Network, team “Sports”
For further information about the Refugee Support Network, see