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With kind permission of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. we are able to show you two short animation features. They explain the most basic fundamentals about living together in Germany – tolerance and participation. These films are in Arabic and English, with subtitles in German and French.

The app „Ankommen“ – integration via smartphone

App Ankommen

This newly developed, free app (available in Arabic, English, Farsi, French and German) with its short texts will help refugees find their way in Germany, develop an understanding of the German language and grasp German culture as such. It covers three major topics: a language course will help you getting in touch with the German language; one part is about asylum, apprenticeship and job topics.
The third major topic focuses on life in Germany (divided up into thirteen chapters). The multimedia language course will provide users with important expressions and sentences for daily life. Bear in mind that language is key for your future in Germany. The first couple of weeks are very important.

In the asylum/job part, the app discusses situations such as declined applications for asylum and its consequences, Germany’s free school system and its opportunities, and the new minimum wage regulation.
The biggest area deals with life in Germany and is divided up into 13 categories. Field reports written by refugees present first-hand experience about what is typically German. The importance of vaccinations, cohabitation and equal rights for men and women, information about the German political and judicial order as such are, along with other topics, laid out in simple terms.

After its download, the app will not require any internet connection.
Please note that the APP ist available for Android and iOS.

Please use the following links:

Information, reports and entertainment for refugees in four languages

WDRforyou: Angebote für Flüchtlinge in vier Sprachen - WDRforyou - Nachrichten - WDR


Information, reports and entertainment for refugees in English

Link – sprungbrett into work: