The emergency accommodation in Unterföhring could be inspected by the public after its completion just before Christmas, on Monday, 21.12.2015. More than 1000 citizens from Unterföhring and other communities met in the late afternoon to listen to the speeches of the deputy district administrator Ernst Weidenbusch and the mayor Andreas Kemmelmeyer. They wanted to see for themselves what the accommodation looked like, what the living conditions for refugees would be like. Present were members of the local administration, of the manufacturing company, and volunteers of the support network “Together for Refugees”, to answer questions and supply information. Members of the security service were not only doing their job, but also establishing first contact with members of the support network for refugees, as there will be close cooperation between the two groups.

The social workers who will manage the emergency accommodation took the opportunity to talk to volunteers about their part in the integration process and about the allocation of responsibilities. Everybody is looking forward to working together.