„Café Miteinander“

For the first time refugees and citizens of Unterföhring met in the „Café Miteinander“ [Café Together], a location for informal meetings. Between 3:00 and 9:00 pm about 60 refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria and 20 citizens of Unterföhring, some of them with their kids, came together in the Catholic parish community centre. The newcomers [...]

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Volunteers report: Impression from a walk in Unterföhring

Our group walked with about 25 refugees around the Feringasee to the beer garden there. We tried to explain to the refugees German “Gemütlichkeit” and the function of a beer garden. At the same time we communicated important Bavarian vocabulary such as „Habe die Ehre“ and of course „Mia san Mia“. Afterwards we passed the [...]

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Volunteers report: Lutheran mass – a bit different

Last night I took part in the mass Deacon Stolz of the Lutheran congregation celebrated in English. A few Nigerian and one Iraqi had arrived to worship. Some Muslims also wanted to take part in order to find out what a Christian church service is like. The refugees took an active part in the service [...]

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Allianz Germany AG

Last Wednesday and Thursday donations were distributed to the 200 refugees who have arrived at the air dome in Unterföhring. Allianz Germany AG had organized amongst their employees a large- scale collection of donations: almost 1000 boxes had been filled with commodity contributions. During those two days several hundreds of boxes with clothes and other [...]

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Getting to know Unterföhring

Despite the snow and the cold about sixty refugees accepted the invitation of the support network to take part in the first sight-seeing tour of Unterföhring. This was about one third of all the people recently arrived at the accommodation. Alfons Renner, an experienced city guide, accompanied the young men together with three fellow guides [...]

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Distribution of clothes to refugees

As the refugees arrived at the accommodation about two weeks ago, the first distribution of clothes was organized at the storage facilities of the team „Donations“. Many of the refugees turned up. Considering the sudden onset of winter weather this event came just in time! Our guests could provide themselves with warm sturdy shoes, winter [...]

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Open day at the air dome

The emergency accommodation in Unterföhring could be inspected by the public after its completion just before Christmas, on Monday, 21.12.2015. More than 1000 citizens from Unterföhring and other communities met in the late afternoon to listen to the speeches of the deputy district administrator Ernst Weidenbusch and the mayor Andreas Kemmelmeyer. They wanted [...]

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