For the first time refugees and citizens of Unterföhring met in the „Café Miteinander“

[Café Together], a location for informal meetings. Between 3:00 and 9:00 pm about 60 refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria and 20 citizens of Unterföhring, some of them with their kids, came together in the Catholic parish community centre. The newcomers were warmly welcomed by volunteers from the teams “KITA” and “Culture and Leisure”. The atmosphere was amicable, tea and munchies were served and first contacts established. The drawing pads and crayons which had been provided proved very popular and facilitated communication. Pictures, sketches and texts were created and some of these were taken back to the accommodation to make the room there a bit more personal.

One lady from Unterföhring selected the most international of all languages: she and a young construction engineer filled page after page with mathematical formulae – and they had fun! The young men avidly inquired after German words, some of them know complete sentences by now, and they have learnt for all their new words the proper gender marker: die Uhr, das Ohr. Pronouncing diphthongs was also practiced a lot. How do you have to move your mouth to pronounce Ü, Ä or Ö? There was much laughing involved!

Besides sports, walkabouts and language classes the “Café Miteinander” is another possibility to spend some time outside the emergency accommodation. Its main purpose is to facilitate contact and to get people to know each other better – integration can only take place outside the accommodation. We are looking forward to more guests in our Café, which will be open every Monday. You don’t have to register.

Come and meet us: every Monday between 3:00 and 9:00 pm, St. Valentin-Weg 1. Our guests from all over the world are looking forward to next Monday. And to meeting you!